The following is a list of strategic services and responsibilities that Tom King Communications will undertake for the campaign. Should you desire further services, we will gladly discuss how to meet specific needs.

Message Development

We will help develop messages from qualitative and quantitative research along with our previous experience.
We will be actively involved in developing questionnaires with the pollster to test possible messages.
In coordination with the pollster, we analyze and draw specific conclusions that are then applied to the
communications strategy.

Day-to Day Management

We will work with the day-to-day management team to oversee the execution of the strategic components of
the entire campaign program.  Along with the team, we will assist in organizing and overseeing the critical
administrative activities – as deemed appropriate by the campaign.  In addition, we will always serve in times
of crisis management, available 24/7.


In coordination with the campaign, we will develop targeted demographics in the media market based on the
efficiency of the market. We will create message driven media to move both supporters and undecided voters.
This component will include copy writing, creative work, and production for radio, television and print ads.


Working with the mail consultant and pollster, we will aid development of targeted universes and messages to
be incorporated into the mail program.  We will endeavor to ensure the maximum coordination between the
mail and other communication mediums.


We will review and critique the research components using campaign staff or consultants selected by the campaign.